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What our happy clients are saying about us...

We take great pride in delivering exceptional service to our fabulous clients. Here's what our clients are saying about Beyond Beauty International...

A very happy and loyal customer

"Having previously had my eyebrows tattooed by two different people I still wasn't satisfied with the quality or the shape but then I found Jacinta. She not only corrected my eyebrows to an exceptional standard but also went on to do my eye liner and my lip blend. I couldn't be happier with the quality of my cosmetic tattoos. Jacinta is incredibly talented at what she does and extremely professional and friendly. I get compliments on her work everywhere I go and will remain a very happy and loyal customer of Beyond Beauty!"

Alexandra Maxine James, England
Brows , Eyeliner & Lips Tattoo by Jacinta

Great for my career

"I love my eyebrows, lip blend tattoo and eyeliner tattoo - it's the best thing I’ve done for my looks. They have really made a huge difference for me because I always felt so exposed on the TV cameras because of my acting and singing career. The tattoos looks so natural and have really given me a great deal of confidence when I’m on set, knowing I’ll always look great even without makeup on. I recommend that anyone who wants their face to look brighter and more defined should go and see Jacinta."

Natalia Moon, International Aussie TV Star


My self-confidence is through the roof!

"I wouldn't trust anyone else with with cosmetic tattoos. I love how I just have perfect eyebrows at all times. My self-confidence has been enhanced a million times over because they're so amazing!""

Alysha Sidaway, Gold Coast, QLD


One of the greatest decisions I made

"Happy 1st anniversary to me and my brow tattoos. One year of brow perfection! This woman is amazing. Extremely passionate and talented at what she does. Seeing her was one of the greatest decisions I made! Thank you."


Sarahjane Humphries, Gold Coast, QLD


In love with my brows!

"Absolutely in love with my brows - they're perfect! I love waking up and not having to touch them up. It's so easy and convenient thankyou so so much Jacinta you're the best! Thankyou thankyou thankyou x"


Brook Wood, Gold Coast, QLD


I used to be a sceptic... not any more!

"Absolutely excellent care! I had a lot of work to get done at the dentist. Also had lasik eye and ear surgery consultations. All the clinics were in the 'upper class/business district' so I knew I was getting the very best in the Philippines. All the doctors were all very thorough in explaining and very understanding of what I would like to have done and took into account how terrified I am of anything out of my comfort zone, which is anything sharp! Jacinta followed up on all of my appointments every day to make sure everything went well. I was always a sceptic about getting work done overseas but Beyond Beauty International definitely made me feel secure and safe about getting medical procedures done in the Philippines. I honestly think I got taken care of better there than any dentist in Australia, they really took into account how sensitive my teeth are. In Australia, you will pay 5 times the cost for the same thing! I would recommend Beyond Beauty International to anyone! Males included of course!"

Kerry-Anne Smith, Gold Coast, QLD


Still receiving compliments 12 months later

"After 12 months my brows are still amazing and I still receive comments every day. Just look at my pics. No filter, no brow pencil or powder! Just a bit of clear brow gel! They're still amazing. Thanks again xx"

Aimee Morrisby, Sunshine Coast, QLD


It's so nice waking up with beautiful brows!

"I was so nervous and thought about getting them done for months and months. I asked everyone I knew or met who had them done a million questions and then finally had the balls to do it! And I don't regret a thing! It's so nice waking up with Kimi K brows and it's the biggest time saver not fiddling around with brow powder every morning! The girls at Beyond Beauty International were amazing! So friendly and professional and made sure my experience was a good one! I asked a thousand questions and was so indecisive with what I wanted but Jacinta was so patient with me and made sure I was 100% happy with them! She is amazing!!!"

Krista Elin, South Brisbane, QLD


My brows look amazing

"I have been going to Jacinta for my brows for over 4 years - I highly recommend her to everyone. Best on the coast."

Shannon Dodd, Gold Coast, QLD


Best on the coast

""I have been going to Jacinta for my brows for over 4 years - I highly recommend her to everyone. Best on the coast."

Sarah Jane Maitland, Gold Coast, QLD


A+ Service

"Just had eyebrows and upper and lower liners done. So happy. Excellent professional job. Jacinta was lovely and talked through what she was about to do. I was a little nervous and maybe a little scared as I've had brows done before in NZ and they were painful... never again will I let anyone but Jacinta from Beyond Beauty International touch me. It was pain free and I lay there relaxed and comfortable knowing I was in good hands. Thanks Jacinta AAA+ service. Highly recommend."

Tracy MacKay, Brisbane, QLD


Happy, happy, happy

"I am 61 years old and now love cosmetic tattooing.  My lips had shrunk and lost definition perhaps due to many cold sores over the years but Jacinta gave me lips again.  I am so grateful to have shape and colour in my lips and need only a lip gloss most of the time.  My fading eyebrows have been restored and the eyeliner tattoo has given my eyes a lift too.  I have fair skin and Jacinta's cosmetic tattooing has completely rejuvenated my face.  Your friendly & professional approach put me at ease for the first "tattoo" in my life. Thank you Jacinta."

Sue L, Gold Coast, QLD


No hesitation in recommending Beyond Beauty

"It's been well over 12 months since my initial consult & I'm still getting compliments about my feather touch brows. I have absolutely no hesitation in sending them to Beyond Beauty.  Jacinta is amazing."

Beryl Jones, Gold Coast, QLD


I wish I did it sooner

"Amazing! So happy with my new brows! My only regret is that I didn't get them done sooner! To my surprise it was completely painless and I'm already looking forward to coming back to get my eyeliner done."

Hollie Sparrow, Ormeau, QLD


A beautiful natural lift

"I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I love my permanent upper and lower eyeliner and eyebrow tattoos. I'm so grateful for the way you made me feel very comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process.  Your attention to detail and artistic abilities gave my face a beautiful natural lift and fresh confidence without the burden of having to reapply regular make-up daily! I'm a real outdoor person and like doing outdoor activities such as triathlons, hiking and camping and it's always been a real annoyance to have to worry about looking attractive and glamourous while still maintaining an active lifestyle. But this permanent make-up has given me the perfect solution! Thanks again."




"Absolutely unbelievable! I am now home and I can see a tremendous difference after only 2 weeks. My husband and I are both amazed at the results. You said it would take about six weeks to really notice a difference, but I am really impressed by the results already. My family and friends have already commented on how good I look. In fact after shouting your praises, I am sure everyone in my area will be booking flights to see you soon. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to visit the Philippines to get the body I wanted with liposuction. You are wonderful."

L.B.,  QLD


Extremely professional and attentive

"I was extremely happy with the service I was provided with from the Clinic at Faces & Curves.  They were extremely professional and attentive.  I was completely satisfied with the surgery and my surgeon Dr Recasata did a marvelous job on my breast enlargement. I cannot describe in words how happy I was with the whole procedure and Dr Recasata's expertise.  The nurses who looked after me worked very hard and were very sensitive to my needs.  They were marvelous. Jacinta was very helpful and I was impressed that she would come and visit or ring me to see how I was doing and see that I was happy with everything. I will definitely be recommending your services and this clinic to any of my friends that express an interest or anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery."

Rebecca, QLD


One very happy person

"It was recommended to me that I go and I have to admit Jacinta has done an amazing job on my feather eyebrows and eyeliner. Right from the start Jacinta explained everything to me. I would recommend her to anyone. One very very happy person."

Jane Anderson Lutvey, Gold Coast, QLD


A complete success

"I would like to start off by first saying that I have enjoyed my experience at Faces & Curves.  You might be asking yourself how could someone enjoy having surgery? Well the staff has made me feel at home and have been some of the kindest people I have ever met. Your help in planning my trip and consulting with Dr Jay (Recasata), organising my accommodation, transport back & forth and all details were covered without fuss.  I appreciate all the effort you made to make my trip a success. Thank you for all your help in getting my ugly nose reshaped!"
Richard, QLD

The ultimate professional

"Jacinta does a beautiful job and is the ultimate professional. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to have cosmetic tattooing done."

Dallas Collitt, Gold Coast, QLD


Best in the biz!

"Best in the biz! Love my eyebrows and lips. Jacinta is so friendly and make you feel very comfortable."

Nikki Laverick, Gold Coast, QLD


I felt completely comfortable and confident

"Jacinta is an absolute pleasure to be around and so incredibly talented! She made me feel completely comfortable and confident in her amazing ability. Thanks for the awesome brows! You rock!"

Sandy Pants, Gold Coast, QLD

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