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The eyebrows are a very popular area for cosmetic tattooing and used to be a rather dramatic affair – usually a thin, arched line – because that’s what was in vogue at the time. Nowadays styles have changed dramatically, and eyebrow tattoos are softer and far more natural-looking.

Eyebrow tattoos are typically used when there are gaps in the eyebrow. This can be due to over-plucking, scarring or when gaps in the eyebrows exist naturally. In this situation, we will fill in these gaps with natural looking hair stokes or shading thus framing the eyes with a more defined shape. If the brows are starting to droop - giving the eyes a tired look - we can draw the brows slightly higher at the tail end to give the eyes a more open and youthful look, or even lower the arch of the brow if desired.

The Temporary Brow Or Mini Enhancement


This is the perfect solution for those who have been wanting to enhance their brows for so long but are so afraid of how they might turn out. This technique allows you to trial the look of our microblade feather touch brow but also have the peace of mind that it will fade out after 10 days.

We perform the treatment with a specially selected pigment and with a very light treatment method so that after 10 days you will be able to decide if you wish to make the look longer lasting. If you do, you can simply return for another treatment with the peace of mind in knowing exactly how it will turn out. 

A Mini brow enhancement is perfect for adding just a very small amount of super fine feathered hairs in the gaps where needed  through the natural brow shape. 

Cost: $550 (For the temporary  brow 1-2 further sessions at $100 each will be required should you decide to make the look longer lasting)

Feather Touch Brow

By far our most popular brow! This modern technique has all ages lining up for the treatment. The realistic appearance of these super fine hair strokes is created using a hand tool method called microblading. Making gentle scratches only half a millimetre deep in the direction natural hair would grow. The results are simply beautiful.
This treatment is perfect for those wanting to have a subtle enhancement that is almost impossible to identify as a tattoo. Even if you have little to no eyebrow hairs currently you will love this look! It's also a great option for perfecting the shape of already nice brows to a more natural defined appearance. The good news is we can add as many or as little hairs as you like until you reach your desired look.

Cost: $550

Combination brow

The combination brow is a popular choice for those who like to apply a makeup regularly with its defined tails and soft feather centre its the perfect combination of our feather brow and powder brow. 

This is a great style for those wanting a natural but fuller defined looking brow. A perfect option for all hair types - especially those with natural full hairs that desire a little more shape such as an arch, or greater thickness or tail length. Cost: $600

3D Combination Brow/ Blade & Shade

This brow is perfect for hairless brow sufferers! We call it our 3D Combination Brow also known as blade and shade because we combine our feathered microblade brow with light powder shading throughout the background. Starting with a feather brow in chosen ideal hair colour we then lightly powder shade the background in a lighter diluted colour. This results in a beautiful 3D look. A great option for those who have minimal eyebrow growth or complete hair loss. Cost: $600 

Ombré Brow


This technique is a fashion statement. The definition of ombré is the French word for colour that is shaded or graduated in tone.Think of the way makeup artists create a brow with perfect soft centres gradually getting darker towards the tails. 

The brow starts with a soft shadow powder look in the bulb to fuller more defined tails. Perfect for anyone wanting a fashionable French inspired eyebrow no matter how full or fine their natural brow hair is. Cost: $600

The Powder Brow


This technique is NOT like the old bold block brows, it is a softer shading technique that is very shallow in the skin to obtain a more powdery effect.

Healing similar to a eyebrow powder makeup like appearance.

This method is not just for those who like a dark eyebrow. It is particularly good for very light-haired blondes and those with grey hair who just want a light shadow of colour - or full haired brow clients needing a little help with shape and definition. 

Cost: $600

Further Information

  • Brow pricing ranges from $550 to $600 * Subject to change. 

  • All first time brow treatments require a re-touch / perfection visit, this should be booked within 8 weeks of your original appointment

  • at a cost of $100.

  • Brows will last 1-5 years depending on technique, colour used, skin type, natural oils, sun exposure, creams, cleansers and skin care routine.

  • All existing clients receive loyalty pricing for refresh colour boost appointments made within 3 years from their last visit. This pricing is on a sliding scale and after 3 years is a full price service. We recommended clients maintain their beautiful colour by refreshing their eyebrow colour approximitly every 12-18 months. This 12-18 month refresh appointment should not need a 8 week retouch if you come within the recommended time frame however this is optional. 

  • Contact us today to receive your loyalty quote.

  • The colour intensity of your eyebrows will initially be a little stronger, much like you are wearing eyebrow pencil. Over 7-10 days post-treatment your brows will transition to a soft natural-looking appearance. Often at the re-touch clients ask for more intensity, for example darker in colour or thicker. So you don't need to be afraid of how they will look as we will always encourage you to start with a subtle look knowing we can add more, whether it be darker, thicker, longer, bolder we can easily add more that's the beauty of the retouch appointment. 

Contact us today to book your consultation and to find out more about our eyebrow range!

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