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At Beyond Beauty International Gold Coast,  we pride ourselves on fabulous brows!

Like haircuts, eyebrow shapes aren’t one-size-fits-all. Your perfect brows depend on the dimensions of your face, and the right arches can not only emphasise your eyes and make you look younger, they can even let you get away with wearing less makeup.

Our eyebrows play a vital role in our appearance, bad brows can make us look older or weird.  Good brows improve your overall appearance, a great brow shape can make you look  younger, and happier. Eyebrow sculpting balances, defines and adds depth to your features, therefore enhancing your appearance.  

HD Brows

If you aren’t quite happy with your brows and they need a bit of TLC, we can help! High Definition Brow shaping is the solution. This treatment consists of a full reshape using wax and tint. HD Brows is a eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on designing perfect eyebrows, especially for you. This procedure can help to give you shape where you don’t have hair, for example, it could create an arch in your brows, help you to fill in hair in your eyebrows, where your eyebrows may be sparse.



Eyelash and eyebrows can be tinted any shade or colour of natural hair from blonde to brown to blue black or purple for lashes. It creates the illusion of wearing makeup without wearing any makeup.  An eyelash tint or brow tint usually last two to three weeks, depending on your hair growth cycle.

All kinds of body waxing is also available at our Gold Coast Beauty Salon at Bundall.

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