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Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash Extensions on the Gold Coast are not all the same. Let our talented Eyelash Technicians perfect your lashes with Eyelash Extensions.
Whether you choose Silk Individual Eyelash Extensions or Volume Eyelash Extensions, we offer affordable, quality Eyelash Extensions on the Gold Coast designed to suit you individual needs.

Eyelash Extensions are an enhancement of your natural lash. It's important to educate yourself on what styles are available and choose according to what will be the ideal size, curl, thickness, length and material suitable for you. Consult with your lash tech and discuss exactly what you would like. Are you looking for a subtle enhancement of your natural lashes or would you prefer a more glamorous look? Also, check out our Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast on Beyond Beauty Internationals Instagram.

Like all beauty treatments, with Eyelash Extensions you can achieve different styles and looks for different clients as not all eye shapes are the same and your Lash Tech can only enhance what you have naturally. Our specialist Lash Technicians guide clients to their ideal Eyelash Extension set. So every client can revel in lashes that are the perfect size, curl, thickness, length and material for their personal beauty goals. Options for our Eyelash Extensions at Revolution MBL Gold Coast are:

  • Silk Individual Eyelash Extensions (1D): bond to your natural lashes giving the appearance of a natural, mascara look. Individual Eyelash Extensions fall out as your natural lashes do with your lash cycle

  • Volume Eyelash Extensions (3D-4D): multiple Eyelash Extensions are applied to each individual lash giving a full luscious fan effect. Up to 200 to 500 Eyelash Extensions can be applied to each eye.

Not all natural eyelashes are compatible with Lash Extensions. Our Lash Technicians meticulously check your natural lashes to ensure they're strong and healthy enough to withstand the weight of Extensions.

Eyelash Technicians

Getting to know your Lash Tech is essential. Research their reviews, their qualifications and experience before exposing yourself to the innumerable dangers of an inexperienced Lash Tech or worse, one who cuts corners on caring for your natural lashes and uses cheap, poor quality products. Find a Lash Technician you trust, and communicate with them at all times as to what you like, don’t like and if you experience any discomfort or irritation.

Beyond Beauty Bundall and it's Lash Technicians are all extensively trained to protect the health of your natural lashes and will not apply lash extensions if your lashes are damaged or are in poor condition, as your lashes will not withstand the weight of Eyelash Extensions.  For example, if your natural lashes are 8mm long, Eyelash Extensions of only 9mm to 11mm can be adhered – anything longer will damage your natural lashes and possibly fall off immediately.

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