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Pre & Post Cosmetic tattoo Procedures


I will take some time to sit down and discuss your choice of permanent makeup. Including the colour and shape you want to achieve. We refer to previous client photos’ and to colour options. We assess the colour of your makeup and natural skin tone. I take a photo and start your client record file, recording all of the procedure for future reference. I draw in the exact shape of the area to be coloured. This is used as our guide and also gives us the opportunity to check that the balance and symmetry is perfect.

I then put the machine together using all pre-packaged and disposable parts. After I mix the colour, I check this again with you. I then turn on the machine so you get to see and hear how it works. A topical anaesthetic is applied for 15 minutes, to help numb the area before we begin. More anaesthetic can be applied as we progress through the treatment if required. For a full lip procedure, local anaesthetic is available from our injectable nurse if arranged prior to booking. The tattoo pigment is applied a gentle half a millimetre beneath the skins surface, almost no bleeding is present. Cosmetic tattooing is a much more gentle form of tattoo compared to body tattoos. When your treatment is completed, I give you post-treatment instructions, apply aftercare crème, Then I take another photo for your file and you are all done. 

For best results you are strongly encouraged to follow the aftercare advice and not to wear make up on the tattooed area for the first 7-10 days. Anything around or outside of the tattooed area is fine.


  • EYEBROWS - Please perform any tweezing, tinting or waxing of your brows more than  48 hrs prior to your treatment. 

  • EYELINER - Please remove any eyelash extensions at least one day prior, do not wear contact lenses or water proof mascara on the day of procedure. If possible no makeup is strongly preferred. 

  • LIPS - If you have ever had a cold sore at anytime in your life please speak to your pharmacist about taking preventative medication to reduce your chances of getting a break out. A light exfoliation of the lips is advised once or twice in the days prior to procedure to remove any dry/dead skin.

  • Please do not consume alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, or other blood thinning medications in the 48 hours prior to, and after, any procedure. Please consult your physician should you require further medical advice or assistance related to this.

  • On your request we will happily conduct a skin test on a small patch of your skin. However, it should be noted that whilst allergic reactions to pigments and dyes are extremely rare, they do not always occur immediately following any treatment and therefore a skin test does not guarantee a treatment without reaction.

  • Please contact us with any possible medical concerns that need to be discussed prior to booking.

  • If you have old BAD cosmetic tattooing from another artist please contact us to discus if it is possible to correct or improve your procedure prior to booking in.



Please note: we advise that cosmetic tattoo procedures almost always require multiple sessions.  Whilst not always the case, we generally recommend that you come back for at least one touch-up before your treatment will be considered complete. Re-touch visits are charged at $100 within 8 weeks from your last visit.

  • Please consult your physician should you require further medical advice or assistance.

  • It is not advisable to expose your healing skin to irritants such as direct sunlight, strong winds, tanning beds, hot water, saunas, salt water or pool water or any excess sweating for at least one week following the treatment.

  • Please do not scratch or peel your healing skin as this may result in uneven healing of pigment or create a risk of infection or scarring in the area.

  • Worried about post-treatment downtime? There is no down time for eyebrow procedures. However, you may experience some light redness around the area for 1-2 hours post-treatment (similar to that which would result from a brow wax) It is normal for your colour to look a little prominat during the healing just like you are wearing eyebrow pencil. Other makeup can be applied OUTSIDE of the tattooed area to help balance out this look. Eyeliner and lip areas can have a little swelling during the first 24 hours post-treatment. You will be given instructions how to ice and reduce this. You will still be able to drive and return to work as normal. You will not experience obvious scabbing during the healing, you may notice tiny dry skin flakes like dandruff around day seven. After ten days your treatment area is healed and you can return to all normal activities.

Contact us to arrange your one-on-one consultation and discover the looks that will suit you.

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